Chapter 287 - Zennarde’s Domain

Chapter 287 - Zennarde’s Domain

The Black Sin Lotus was an important item to Yao Yao. It was related to whether she could obtain Templar Magic.

Asskickers United was sorely lacking in Advanced Magic. Even though Nie Yan had tasked his guild members to acquire them, those who were successful could be counted on his fingers. This undertaking required time. The guild’s foundation had to be slowly built from the ground up.

Every Advanced Magic was incredibly precious and vital to the growth of any guild!

Nie Yan helping Yao Yao with Karsi’s Blessing was also helping out himself.

Asskickers United required Advanced Magic!

Nie Yan and Yao Yao approached the Black Sin Lotus. It was in full bloom and floated calmly atop the water’s surface. Every petal was akin to a piece of finely carved obsidian, covered in streaks of pink that spread out like wisps of blood.

Nie Yan swam forward to harvest the Black Sin Lotus. He would worry about any possible danger after it was in his possession!

Yao Yao was treading the water roughly 2 meters away from Nie Yan. She was afraid of straying too far from him. As a Mage with fragile...

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