Chapter 286 - Black Sin Lotus

Chapter 286 - Black Sin Lotus

The Black Sin Lotus was a precious alchemy ingredient and the vital ingredient to concoct the Legendary Black Sin Potion. Its value was astronomical!

The monsters lurking below the water’s surface were at minimum Level 40 while the Black Sin Lotus sprouted roughly 60 meters away from the shore. It was much more difficult fighting in water than on land, so obtaining it wouldn’t be easy.

“Should we swim?” Yao Yao asked. With the Black Sin Lotus sitting far off in the middle of the lake, she believed the only way to reach it was by treading into these calm waters.

Nie Yan shook his head. “Hold on a second.” He walked over to the lake’s edge and looked down, whereupon he saw a shadow in the water swimming towards him. His heart shook, and he quickly recoiled back.

With a large number of powerful monsters lurking below the surface, obtaining the Black Sin Lotus would prove quite the challenge.

It would’ve taken them over 6 hours just to get to this place if they hadn’t taken a shortcut by jumping down the sinkhole....

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