Chapter 282 - Chapter of Peace

Chapter 282 - Chapter of Peace

When Black Sea Devil Banmu finally fell to Nie Yan, Lil’ Gold lit up with a brilliant radiance and levelled up six times, all the way to Level 26. Since Nie Yan had changed his experience settings, Lil’ Gold received full experience from Banmu.

Nie Yan jumped down from the cliff face and landed on one of the three rocky islands. He called Lil’ Gold out of his hiding spot, then checked his upgraded stats: 1,030 health and 730–757 attack and magic power. As Lil’ Gold’s level rose, his frightening growth rate would start showing an increasingly greater effect. His stats would soon reach ludicrous heights!

Nie Yan could scarcely imagine just how powerful Lil’ Gold would become down the line.

Lil’ Gold also grew another head taller, making him about as tall as Nie Yan.

Nie Yan recalled Lil’ Gold in a brief flurry of excitement. He still hadn’t collected the loot that dropped from Banmu!

He jumped off the rocky island, falling roughly 30 meters before plunging into the water with a loud...

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