Chapter 281 - Karsi’s Teachings

Chapter 281 - Karsi’s Teachings

【Karsi’s Blessing】Background Information: Karsi was born to a poor household with a deformed left hand. Unable to hold a staff, he was deemed incapable of learning magic. However, since childhood he dreamed of becoming a renowned Holy Mage. And so, after experiencing countless failures and tribulations he finally learned—through sheer willpower and perseverance—how to wield a staff, and cast his first spell with only four fingers. Roughly 80 years later, he developed a miraculous Life Magic and became one of the scant few Holy Mages to gain eternal life. He was granted the illustrious position of Grand Archbishop by the Holy Shrine. 

Karsi’s Teachings: Only by enduring through suffering will a person truly thrive. Some will taste the final joys and sorrows of life. Others are fated to be buried beneath cold-hard gravestones. Hero! Be grateful of the trials bestowed to you by the heavens, for the path to glory is paved with hardship!

Nie Yan’s heart quivered as these words resonated with him. He recalled the hardships of his past life, the bankruptcy of his family and the death...

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