Chapter 276 - Seductress

Chapter 276 - Seductress

It wasn’t often that Nie Yan got to have some alone time with Xie Yao, so he savoured every moment, making some small talk every now and then. He felt very content. Love was something that needed to be slowly nurtured. It couldn’t be rushed.

“Class starts soon! Let’s head over to the locker room to get changed,” a student said after looking at the clock.

The students stood up and started streaming out of the door while they chatted.

Kickboxing class was being held in the gymnasium next door. It was quite large, covering around 600 square meters, and could hold hundreds of people. It was more than capable of accommodating the 30-odd-some students in their class.

There were many faces Nie Yan didn’t recognize, some he was confident he hadn’t even seen in his past life. In any case, the school gave its students a lot of freedom, allowing them to attend classes as they pleased. There were even those who would only show up during tests, choosing to spend their time working instead.

“Let’s go together,” Nie Yan suggested to Xie Yao.

“I still need to get changed. Let’s meet in the gym,” Xie Yao tactfully refused after a brief moment of hesitation.

She could just imagine what sort of commotion would erupt if the two of them were seen walking together.

As Xie Yao stood up, Nie Yan’s eyes automatically followed her fine figure. With long slim legs and jade-white arms, she wasn’t quite sexy-hot but rather exuded a curvaceous charm that invited endless fantasies. Especially with the suggestive words get changed still hanging in the air, Nie Yan’s imagination went wild as he pictured the beautiful scene of Xie Yao undressing.

Xie Yao trembled when she sensed Nie Yan’s half-teasing, half-admiring gaze. She felt a peculiar feeling in her heart. Did he have no intention of disguising his thoughts?

“I’ll be going first!” Xie Yao exclaimed in a flustered manner. Her cheeks were slightly tinged with red.

Never before did she feel such a burning hot gaze from another male student she was close to.

Seeing Xie Yao’s helpless appearance, Nie Yan cracked a faint smile.

“Mhmm, alright. See you in the gym,” Nie Yan replied. The sweet fragrance of her perfume drifted up his nose.

As she headed out the door, Xie Yao noticed another female classmate, Jiang Yingyu, walking up to Nie Yan. She pouted silently and paused, feeling a twinge of annoyance rise up within her. But, having just left in a fit, she couldn’t possibly just turn around and head back! Huffing angrily, she marched out of the classroom.

“Hey! You’re the new transfer student, right? How are you settling in?” Jiang Yingyu greeted with a bright smile.

Jiang Yingyu was a member of the cultural recreation committee. In terms of appearance alone, she was only slightly inferior to Xie Yao. However, since she was a seasoned dancer, she had a very flexible body on top of a flourishing figure. Best described as an alluring seductress, she was the subject of countless adolescent fantasies in the class. 

A person like Jiang Yingyu would never take the initiative to seek him out for a conversation in his past life, so Nie Yan found her actions right now a bit baffling. It was rumoured she married a rich businessman more than twice her age after graduating from high school. At that time, many of the boys in their class mourned it as a huge pity. Just how amazing would it feel to push down a beauty like her in bed? They would even be willing to lose ten years of their lives for such an opportunity. Every last one of them cursed their luck that they weren’t born several decades earlier. 

Nie Yan felt no special feelings for a gold digger like Jiang Yingyu. Even back then, his heart had already been stolen by Xie Yao. Although he had spoken with Jiang Yingyu on several occasions in his past life, they were passing acquaintances at best.

“Pretty well. Everyone has been very kind and friendly,” Nie Yan replied with a faint smile. The other side had taken the initiative to greet him, so he had no reason to treat her coldly. Besides, they were fellow classmates. It would be best if they got along.

Spotting Xie Yao walking out of the classroom from the corner of his eye, Nie Yan felt a twinge of disappointment.

“Hmm? It seems our class goddess has already left. You know, there’s so many pretty girls in our class. Why limit yourself to her? Look at Xia Ling, Zhong Xin, and the others, you could probably pick any of them up without much effort. I can’t say I’m not interested either,” Jiang Yingyu teased coquettishly after noticing Nie Yan glancing at the door. She purposefully leaned forward on his desk to give him a better view of her assets which were without a doubt unrivalled. Nie Yan was everything she was looking for in an ideal man: handsome, tall, strong, talented, and—most importantly—rich! She had originally set her sights on Liu Rui. Who would’ve thought someone even better would show up!

Nie Yan smiled in response but offered no further explanation. “You’ll have to excuse me. Class is starting soon, and I’ve got to get changed. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

“Oh, right… Let’s talk some other time.” Jiang Yingyu’s smile turned sluggish, a hint of embarrassment trailing in her voice.

Nie Yan stood up and strode out of the classroom. 

Witnessing this scene from the other side of the classroom, Xia Ling couldn’t help but let out an audible snicker. That succubus was finally served a taste of her own medicine. Despite having charmed an endless string of boys, she was flatly rejected this time around in the most embarrassing way possible. Who knew Nie Yan had such character? He actually possessed the willpower to resist her temptation!

Xia Ling’s impression of Nie Yan improved even further. Hmm… I should tell Xie Yao about this.

Jiang Yingyu humphed unhappily, then turned around and walked away.

Nie Yan stepped out of the classroom. He was very much looking forward to kickboxing class since he would finally get the chance to exercise his body. Improving your own strength was a very satisfying feeling.

The gymnasium was across from the female changing area. Every student was provided with private changing rooms, fitted with various security features like interference with all recording devices. Xie Yao’s room was roughly 60 square meters in size. Its walls were lined with rows upon rows of elegant cabinets that were filled with freshly washed and dried clothes. There was also a simple bed in the corner where the weary student could rest.

Xie Yao stepped into the changing room and closed the door behind her. She grabbed a kickboxing uniform from one of the cabinets and started undressing. She examined herself in the mirror. Wearing only a bra and a pair of pink panties, her slim figure was unstained by any blemishes while her chest was well-developed and plump.

I shouldn’t lose out to Jiang Yingyu by much, right?

When Xie Yao recalled Nie Yan’s burning gaze, a trace of annoyance and bashfulness arose in her heart. This peculiar sort of feeling was impossible to get rid of. She pursed her lips. That guy is definitely a pervert. I’ll have to do a proper investigation to make sure nothing happened between them!

After giving this some thought, Xie Yao became a little anxious. She had no choice but to admit that Jiang Yingyu’s figure was exceptional, enough to woo the hearts of countless men and make them go mad with lust, especially when she was dancing. Those seductive and alluring movements could instantly bewitch with a single glance. 

Xie Yao changed into her uniform and bound her hair tightly. Her previously maiden-like appearance was nowhere to be found. In her white kickboxing uniform, she was brimming with valiant and youthful vigor. 

After tightening the cloth belt around her waist, she was just about to walk out when her cellphone rang.

Grandpa!」Xie Yao happily exclaimed.

Yao Yao, remember that matter you asked me about earlier? Well, I’ve already put my subordinates on it. We’re currently in the middle of negotiations,」Liu Hongze informed. He couldn’t help but feel content from the bottom of his heart when he heard his granddaughter’s voice. Xie Yao always loved to cling to him when she was younger, so the two of them were very close. On top of this, she was his only granddaughter. How couldn’t he love her dearly?

Thanks to his daughter being filial by giving birth to a granddaughter, even a lonely old man like him in his seventies could still feel a bit of familial affection. His love for Xie Yao was so great that he wouldn’t even hesitate to gift her the moon and stars. When he passed away, all his assets would be passed down to her. 

Although they were exceedingly wealthy, Xie Yao’s family didn’t consider money to be of much importance. After all, there were things money couldn’t buy you, like love.

Thank you, Grandpa!

Yao Yao, why did you want me to invest in Asskickers United so badly?」Liu Hongzhe asked affectionately.

Uhh… it shows a lot of promise! How long ago was Asskickers United first established? Yet it’s already grown so big! If our Dragonsoar Financial Group invests in them, aren’t we guaranteed to make a huge profit?」Xie Yao replied in a fluster, afraid her grandfather would see through her.

Is that really all there is to it...?」Liu Hongzhe meaningfully asked.

Of course! It’s only for the benefit of the company, nothing else! Investing in Asskickers United definitely isn’t a mistake!」Xie Yao answered with a somewhat guilty conscience. Her cheeks burned hot when she recalled the actual reason.

Liu Hongzhe naturally saw through his granddaughter’s lies, but he didn’t question any further. Young people should be allowed to handle their own matters. Although Liu Ding’s son wasn’t bad, that wouldn’t matter if Xie Yao didn’t like him. If she liked someone else, he wouldn’t interfere.

This has nothing to do with our Dragonsoar Financial Group, I’ve decided to invest in Asskickers United personally,」Liu Hongzhe chuckled. He would be met with too much internal resistance if he tried to invest on behalf of the company. But if this was a personal project, no problems should occur.「As for the person supervising...

Let me do it,」Xie Yao blurted out.

Alright, I’ll let you go. I hope your future husband doesn’t squander my precious granddaughter’s dowry!」Liu Hongzhe teased.

Grandpa!」Xie Yao bashfully stamped her feet. When she heard the word dowry, tremors surfaced in her heart.

Alright, alright. I won’t say anymore.」Liu Hongzhe laughed heartily. His normally dignified appearance completely melted away in front of his precious granddaughter.

You definitely won’t regret investing in Asskickers United! The virtual industry is currently expanding at a rapid pace. Add this to Conviction’s popularity, and it’s already become the number one destination for recreation! With it influencing so many people, the market definitely has a lot of potential for growth. Not to mention Asskickers United is currently the top guild in Calore. In the future, when they capture a few strongholds and start establishing places where people can sink their money, it will definitely become a gold mine. At that time, Grandpa, your pockets will definitely be overflowing!」Xie Yao exclaimed.

What do you mean, pockets overflowing? Your grandpa is already one foot in the grave. As for Asskickers United, do as you please. So long as you don’t break this old man’s heart, everything will be okay.」Liu Hongzhe laughed brightly. He was confident Xie Yao could properly lead this little project. After all, she had learned many things over the years by following him. Even though it was only a guild in a virtual reality game, its management was roughly the same as running a company in the real world. This was a good opportunity for her to learn.

The two of them chatted for awhile about things in the family, with Xie Yao mostly concerned about Liu Hongzhe’s health, before hanging up.

Xie Yao cheerfully walked out of her changing room. She couldn’t wait to see Nie Yan’s reaction once he realized she was the supervisor from the Dragonsoar Financial Group. Her face lit up with a mischievous grin. While he was still unaware of her identity, she had to thoroughly mess with him!

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