Chapter 275 - Father and Son

Chapter 275 - Father and Son

Nie Yan checked the time. Seeing that the servers would shut down in roughly five minutes, he logged off.

When Nie Yan walked downstairs, he noticed his father and mother had already left for work. This was the usual scene he was greeted with in the morning. For the sake of the business, his parents would leave home at the crack of dawn and wouldn’t return until late at night. Nevertheless, his family’s circumstances were greatly improved. Furthermore, thanks to his parents offering them jobs, many close relatives and friends were able to break away from poverty. As for Luo Ming and the others, they were still stuck back in Ningjiang. Although they were far from barely scraping by, it was impossible for them to live as extravagantly as they did in the previous timeline. Without these vermin mucking things up, his parent’s company would definitely expand with greater momentum.

Nie Yan was awoken from his thoughts by the sound of his phone ringing.

Nie Yan, what’s this about you stirring up trouble on your first day of school?」Father Nie asked gravely. Even early into his twenties during the previous timeline, Nie Yan was still very much afraid...

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