Chapter 272 - Sealed Off

Chapter 272 - Sealed Off

Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame finally wisened up. Heaven Breaker and Nightbreak Trickster kept information under tight lock. None of our moles caught wind of them mobilizing their forces in other maps near Sinful Gorge. Many were even directly booted!」Guo Huai informed. It was too late by the time he noticed any movements.

It appeared Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame were staking everything on this ambush. With such a large force flooding into Sinful Gorge, no matter how strong the players of Asskickers United were, they would still be smothered to death just the same!

Nightbreak Trickster and Heaven Breaker were finally pushed past their breaking points. After being surpressed and surpassed by the likes of Asskickers United, and to a lesser degree Holy Empire and Sapphire Shrine, they couldn't sit back any longer. Today, they bared their teeth in an attempt to reverse their fortunes!

How many of their players are entering Sinful Gorge?」Nie Yan inquired.

Around 30,000, and even more will be arriving in a few minutes!」Guo Huai replied, a tinge of remorse in his tone. If only his...

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