Chapter 268 - Divinity

Chapter 268 - Divinity

The battle in Kiln Fire Woods which made Nie Yan an overnight sensation had become an unforgettable memory in the minds of the players.

Ever since, the popularity of the Mad Rogue spread like wildfire.

After so long, Nie Yan revealed this gesture yet again. What did it mean? Was it a death sentence?

The guilds in Sinful Gorge were all watching the scene unfold from the sidelines. They had looked on as Nie Yan lured the Golden Dragon to the forces of Radiant Sacred Flame, plunging their ranks into chaos. In the same fashion, they witnessed him directing the cutthroat gesture towards Nightbreak Trickster.

This was a declaration of war! It was pure provocation!

Was Nie Yan planning to repeat the events of Kiln Fire Woods?

Radiant Sacred...

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