Chapter 267 - Magic Ignition

Chapter 267 - Magic Ignition

Thieves held many advantages over Elementalists. They were known as the kings of the wilderness as well as experts of the battlefield. They could stealth at a moment’s notice, hide in plain sight, and travel to every corner of the battlefield unobstructed. Even the speed at which they ran far outshined any other class. Although an Elementalist had a fair chance against an equal-level Thief in battle, they were terrible at pursuit. If a Thief wished to flee, a slower class like the Elementalist would generally be helpless to stop them.

Seeing his own forces drop like flies, Nightbreak Trickster was boiling with anger.

What’s so damn great about a Thief!?

Nightbreak Trickster rarely ever took action. But this wasn’t to say he was weak. He simply understood that a guild leader who was only valiant and good at fighting wasn’t enough. Even if they were a god of war, they still wouldn’t be immune to defeat. Every class had its counters, it just happened his was a Thief.

Although Nightbreak Trickster was skilled, he knew he wasn’t invincible.

A guild leader who emerged victorious in every battle was undoubtedly an immense...

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