Chapter 265 - However Many Arrive, However Many Die

Chapter 265 - However Many Arrive, However Many Die

With so many Thieves pouncing on him, Sleepy Fox was hard-pressed to resist no matter how much of a heaven-defying figure he was. A pair of fists was no match for four hands![1]

When Sleepy Fox sent the Thieves flying away with Shockwave, Jack the Ripper took advantage of the opportunity to stun him with Smothering Strike.

A nearby group of Warriors from Holy Empire rushed forwards in an attempt to rescue Sleepy Fox, but they were intercepted by several dozen Thieves from Radiant Sacred Flame.

Sleepy Fox endured the combined assault from five Thieves. As a tanky Warrior clad in heavy armour, he wouldn’t go down too easily. 

“Kill him, quickly!” Jack the Ripper shouted somberly. Time was short. He circled back to the front, stunning Sleepy Fox once again with a Concussive Blow.

Before he could follow up with another attack, his pupils constricted as he spotted the unmistakable sheen of a dagger stabbing toward his forehead. This attack was incomparably domineering, sharp and executed with pinpoint precision, resembling the strike of a viper! He cancelled his attack mid-animation, activated Swift Retreat, and rapidly pulled back.

What a fast attack! Jack the Ripper inwardly remarked, raising his dagger to block as a metallic ‘klang’ rang out. After retreating several meters, he felt cold sweat wash over him as he recalled the sensation of the dagger barely grazing his forehead. This was fear in its most primal form. He didn’t dare imagine the consequences if that attack...

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