Chapter 261 - Setting Out for Battle

Chapter 261 - Setting Out for Battle

Golden Dragons were higher order creatures comparable to Super Variants or even Demonified Lords, with sightings of them popping up every once in a blue moon. Everyone would be notified of its appearance through the official website, where it would be frontpage news. Such a rare existence would inevitably attract the attention of all the large powers.

The five major guilds of Calore were mobilizing to seize this good fortune. A great spectacle was bound to unfold!

Nie Yan remained rather aloof, contrary to expectation. He hoped Asskickers United could snatch away the Golden Dragon. But there was no need to force things in the event they failed. He would be satisfied as long as they could reap some benefits. After all, the primary goal was still to suppress Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame.

Whether in terms of average level or gear quality, the top players of Asskickers United were a step above the rest. Although they were ranked number one on the forums, there were many people who still held doubts. This event was the perfect opportunity for them to cement their position...

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