Chapter 255 - Divine Right Set

Chapter 255 - Divine Right Set

The party sat down to recover. After their weakened states wore off, Nie Yan stood up and said, “Let’s give it another go.” 

Nie Yan, Bladelight, and the others lured the Goblin Eviscerator back toward the sculptures in the fountain garden. With the experience of their previous attempt, their teamwork and coordination became a lot smoother.

They gradually led the Goblin Eviscerator into the center of the public square.

“Don’t rush, we’re almost there…” Nie Yan said, wiping the perspiration from his brow. This was a crucial moment. If the slightest mishap occurred, all their hard work would go to waste, and they would end up dying again.

The Goblin Eviscerator’s movements were greatly encumbered by the statues. With almost no room to maneuver, it activated Dash Charge in an attempt to escape. But Bladelight reacted instantly, rushing to the coordinates Nie Yan mentioned previously and hunkering down with Guard Stance. 

「Klang!」The Goblin Eviscerator collided with the nearby statues. However, these statues which were cast from metal only trembled slightly, otherwise unfazed.


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