Chapter 248 - Shocked

Chapter 248 - Shocked

Logging back into Conviction, Nie Yan checked the changelog for the Buried History expansion. Just like in the previous timeline, the experience required to level up had been significantly reduced. If the top players were over Level 100 when this expansion was implemented, those at the bottom of the ladder could slowly close the gap but would never be able to truly catch up. However, the game was still in its early stages and everyone’s levels were still low. With the lowered experience requirements, the level leaderboards were sure to see drastic reshuffling.

In addition to easier levelling, a change in the game mechanics was implemented. Previously, the player’s damage was limited with most hits being registered as misses by the system when fighting enemies over six levels above them. This was the level suppression effect. But with the new expansion, this same effect would now only occur if there was more than a ten-level difference between the combatants.

The main classes also saw adjustments to their skills. The most notable change was a buff to the Warrior’s Guard Stance skill. With a big boost to its defensive capabilities, players could now tank higher levelled bosses. At the...

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