Chapter 246 - New Student

Chapter 246 - New Student

“It’s almost time for class. Let’s head back.”

Nie Yan and the rest of his classmates returned to the classroom.

“Hey, do you play Conviction?” Zhai Hao asked. Almost everybody was talking about this game right now. For many, it was an essential part of their lives.

Xie Yao couldn’t help but perk up her ears as she turned her attention to Nie Yan. She felt he resembled a certain someone she knew inside the game to an uncanny degree. Their names were pronounced the same. They spoke and acted in a similar manner. She also felt that same sense of deep familiarity. 

However, Xie Yao reminded herself that some people took on completely different personas in game. For example, she was fairly reserved in reality. But when she entered Conviction, she became livelier and her temperament was also more cheerful. Inside the game, she could release all the stress bottled up inside her after a long day.

Then again, some people behaved the same both in game and reality. 

“Of course I play,” Nie Yan replied. The students talked the most about their level and equipment inside the game. High level and good gear equated to face. If they found an amazing piece of equipment, the first thing they would do was show it off to their peers. Although this sort of...

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