Chapter 242 - City Guards

Chapter 242 - City Guards

What are they doing at the center of Calore?」Nie Yan brainstormed ways of provoking Heaven Breaker as he headed in their direction. Unfortunately, not much came to mind. I’m really not suited for these kinds of things.

They might be buying something at the auction house,」Guo Huai said, though he too could only guess.

Suddenly, a lightbulb lit up in Nie Yan’s mind: Rather than looking for Heaven Breaker at the auction house, why not instead just run straight to his headquarters?

Needless to say, someone as influential as Nie Yan just showing himself in front of Victorious Return’s headquarters would cause quite a large scene—precisely what he wanted.

A devilish smile formed on Nie Yan’s face. Hehe, I won’t even have to say a word. Just my being there will lead to them firing off a slew of insults. When they do, and the city guards would just happen to be nearby… 

Now that would truly be a sight to behold.

Have someone tell Heaven Breaker that I’m heading over to his guild headquarters.」Nie Yan thought for a bit, then added,「Actually, send Undying Scoundrel and tell him to hold nothing back. Tell him to treat Heaven Breaker like family. The more annoying he is the better.

Got it,」Guo Huai replied. He knew Nie Yan had something prepared for Heaven Breaker, and also knew that it would...

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