Chapter 241 - Buried History

Chapter 241 - Buried History

Nie Yan flipped to the fourth page of the book, wondering what sort of materials were used to create such durable pages. The page densely packed with ancient characters from the Era of Shared Governance was detailed to a rarely seen degree. It contained techniques which allowed a player to advance to a Great Thief and Shadow Dancer, practice exercises to hone those techniques, methods to sharpen the player’s awareness as a Thief, and so on. A person in possession of this information could increase their combat strength at least several fold. Many things on this page couldn’t be found in the videos of his past life. There were even some techniques that he had never seen Sun or Shadow Killer employ.

This was the most comprehensive guide on how to become a Great Thief and Shadow Dancer!

With this guide, there was no longer a need for a player to go about blindly figuring out things for themselves. There were over a hundred techniques altogether, including those Nie Yan was familiar with like the beginner, middle, and advanced footwork of Shadow Dance and Dance of Death. Just mastering two or three of them would allow him to roam around unimpeded, while mastering five or six would allow him to look down on the world from high atop the peak...

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