Chapter 240 - Volume I: Glimpse of Darkness

Chapter 240 - Volume I: Glimpse of Darkness

A blinding radiance blossomed outwards in a flash. The six chapters merged into a whole, transforming into an unassuming black book. The cover was exquisitely manufactured, with a single line of Ancient Common characters written on top. The words, inscribed with tadpole-like strokes, gave off an aura of elegance and wisdom.

The book in his hands seemed rather thick, almost as though it was composed of more than the original six pages. A mysterious yet powerful force emanated from it. Nie Yan traced his fingers over the cover, and as he did, he felt the odd energy become stronger, giving him a feeling of calmness in his soul.

Looking closely at the words on the cover, Nie Yan read, “Book of Order, Volume I: Glimpse of Darkness.”

Do you wish to bind this item?

Yes! Nie Yan didn’t hesitate before immediately pressing confirm. He would bind it before thinking about anything else, so it wouldn’t drop if he died. So long as it was bound, he wouldn’t have to worry about losing it ever again.

Item has been successfully bound.

Once the book was bound to him, Nie Yan felt an immediate increase to his stats, as if they’d increased by over 50! At the same time,...

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