Chapter 238 - White Elves

Chapter 238 - White Elves

Nie Yan’s mind raced as he considered various scenarios in search of a way to ambush the True Illusion. He needed to trick it into walking into the trap of its own accord.

Standard traps reliant on common skills had no chance of catching the True Illusion off guard. He could only look for a more unorthodox strategy.

The system used precise calculations to allow the True Illusion to maximize efficiency and act with precision accurate to several decimal points. By doing so, it could maximize the True Illusion’s combat abilities in a way no human could. However, the system still had to maintain some semblance of fairness, so the True Illusion didn’t know Nie Yan’s stats. Otherwise, if it possessed Nie Yan’s skill and stat data on top of maximum combat efficiency, it wouldn’t even be possible to damage it, much less beat it.

After careful consideration, Nie Yan concluded that his best chance would be to change his attack speed and patterns to trick the True Illusion’s relatively rigid algorithms.

Nie Yan calculated the combat power brought to him by his stats, especially his movement and attack speed. His calculation speed was obviously nowhere near the system’s, and he was only able to come up with a rough...

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