Chapter 234 - Tuoba Family Head

Chapter 234 - Tuoba Family Head

Nie Yan stocked up on some consumables while still in Calore, taking whatever potions that he thought might come in handy from the Starry Night Potion Shop. Items that players couldn’t bear to use under normal circumstances were all stuffed into his bags. 

Walking out of the Starry Night Potion Shop, Nie Yan headed over to the Jewelcrafter, where he socketed the Skywalker Set with Defense Gems before upgrading it to +5.

Nie Yan wrapped up his preparations and was about to set out for the transfer area when he received a call from Aqua Smoke Stub.「About today’s matter, I’d like you to thank all the brothers in the guild on my behalf. If not for your help, Withered Leaf would’ve been wiped out in Twilight Forest, and it would’ve been even more difficult to give my boss an explanation.

Nie Yan chuckled lightly.「You’ve already thanked those who should be thanked.

My withdrawing of Withered Leaf without giving any prior notice was indeed a bit rude as well as unprofessional. I still have some matters to sort out, so returning today is probably out of the question. But I can promise we’ll be back in Asskickers United by tomorrow at the latest.」 

No problem....

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