Chapter 232 - Fleeing After Making a Killing

Chapter 232 - Fleeing After Making a Killing

Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame suffered over 8,000 casualities, while Asskickers United only lost around 2,000. Just based on the number of losses, it was crystal clear which was the superior force. 

Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame were progressively beaten back. Several of their players attempted to cast advanced magic, but all of them were interrupted mid-cast. In this sort of chaotic clash, unless the person was protected by numerous powerful individuals, it truly wasn’t easy to use spells with such long cast-times. 

So long as Nie Yan remained on the battlefield, no Mage from Victorious Return or Radiant Sacred Flame would be allowed to cast advanced magic. Before they could finish chanting a set of syllables, he would’ve already materialized behind them. After all, the fluctuation of magical energy given off by advanced magic being cast was extremely distinct. Unless the caster possessed something like a Legendary-grade Illusion Ring, these fluctuations were nigh impossible to conceal. Combined with the fact that all advanced magic had base cast times of at least 20–30 seconds—requiring two to three sets of incantation syllables and gestures or more—he had ample time to stop them from being cast.

This was one...

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