Chapter 231 - Taking Lives Like Reaping Wheat

Chapter 231 - Taking Lives Like Reaping Wheat

Sleepy Fox soon felt the overwhelming pressure of Victorious Return and Radiant Sacred Flame’s relentless assault. Wave after wave of their players threw themselves at Holy Empire’s defensive line as though there were no end to their numbers. Sleepy Fox could only look on helplessly as his people killed and killed only to see more opponents rushing forward.

“Heaven Breaker and Nightbreak Trickster! What the hell did those two maniacs promise their people? They’re just lining up to throw their lives away!” Sleepy Fox cursed vehemently.

One section after the other fell as Holy Empire's defensive lines were overwhelmed by the crushing numbers.

Sleepy Fox immediately directed his reserve forces to fill in the gaps. With hundreds of players dying every minute, they were in drastic need of reinforcements. If Asskickers United’s troops didn’t arrive soon, Holy Empire would be wiped out.

Although their enemies’ attacks were fierce, Holy Empire’s players were also wantonly spilling blood. Disregarding the consequences, they stubbornly held their line as they fought back.

“Hmmph! Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return aren’t anything special after all. Even the two of them together can’t take us out!”

“Boss, I’ve killed 23 of them! I must have earned my way into the Knight Regiment now!”

“Brothers, stay strong! Let’s send Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return home crying to their mommies! Let’s see if those cowards still dare to look down on our Holy Empire after today!”

The majority of the players in Holy Empire, Radiant Sacred Flame, Victorious Return, and even Asskickers United weren’t really irreconcileable with each other. In fact, quite a few of them secretly had friends in rival guilds. After all, each person was their own master, and none of them would be foolish enough to treat guild rivalries as private grudges. That didn’t take away from their pride in their guilds. These people would share both glory and shame with their guilds. If their guild was strong, they would naturally look good as well.

The area outside Twilight Forest had long since become a chaotic battlefield, and the scope of the conflict was still growing.

Holy Empire, having held on for so long, was just about to fall when Asskickers United troops arrived. They circled around their enemy before beginning to slaughter their way through the opponents’ eastern flank.

“Brothers, attack! Massacre Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return!”

The 30,000 Asskickers United players surged in like a mountain-toppling tsunami, charging towards their enemies as howling war cries filled the skies.

The Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return players in the eastern portion of their army began feeling the ground beneath their feet rumble. Looking around suspiciously, they quickly noticed a dark swarm of Asskickers United players like ants on the horizon. Their expressions changed drastically as they saw the vast swathes of approaching foes. If those enemies charged straight over, they would be bearing the brunt of the attack!

“Tang Yao, don’t forget to have our Thieves focus on collecting dropped equipment,” Nie Yan specifically reminded Tang Yao of this important task.

“Don’t worry, I’ve already issued the orders, telling them not to miss a single piece.”

With Asskickers United’s current momentum, slaughtering their way through wouldn’t pose any difficulties at all. Just by charging straight forward, they could collect countless pieces of equipment from their fallen foes. This effect would only be accentuated by the fact that many Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return players were already branded with red names.

When a red-named player died and dropped all their equipment during a battle such as this one, their guild would usually provide a replacement set as well as hand out additional rewards to compensate for their losses.

Nie Yan thought sinisterly, Even if we can’t deal crippling blows to Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return today, we’ll bleed them out!

With a final round of excited roars that thundered ominously into their opponents’ ears, Asskickers United’s Warriors finally smashed into Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return’s armies. Leading the charge were Fighters, among them Resplendent Bladelight and Yi Yan. Brandishing their massive swords, they slammed into their enemies and commenced the bloodbath.

The sky was filled with a holy brilliance, gently falling like spring rain from a cloud. The blessing increased their stats, allowing the 500 Warriors in the vanguard to fight as fiercely as a tiger.

“Damn, this is too awesome! What skill is this?” 

“My Strength increased by 60 percent! I’m invincible!”

Most of these Warriors usually couldn’t even deal 200 damage in a single hit. However, with these buffs, many of them had a chance to hit for over 300! With even the weaker ones chopping down people like cutting melons, there wasn’t any need to discuss those who boasted high attack power even before the blessings.

With such range, this spell was obviously some form of advanced magic. Nie Yan’s gaze scanned his guild’s forces before landing on a white-robed Priest. His heart lurched as he recognized him. It’s him!

Who else could it be other than Black Heaven? He appeared to be sincerely fulfilling Black Hell’s agreement, integrating himself as a member of Asskickers United and participating in guild activities. He just displayed a Templar Magic from the Priest-class, Boon of Power.

Like a monstrous beast, Asskickers United’s army ripped through Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return’s front line. One after the other, groups began trying to retreat, only to find out they couldn’t outrun the charge of the enemy Warriors.

“We’re invincible!”

As the Asskickers United players once more let out roaring battle cries, their morale soared to an all new high. Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return’s players were all struck by terror. Some of them even forgot to resist as Asskickers United made short work of those in their path.

“Kill!” Tang Yao repeatedly shot out tongues of flame, each flying towards an enemy with a bang. His high level coupled with his massive magic damage made it so that very few people could survive more than two hits from him.

Nie Yan single-handedly infiltrated the opposing army’s rear, making a beeline for the Priests. His dagger never stopped moving as he efficiently exterminated any Priest in sight. 

Nie Yan was like a god of death harvesting these Priests’ souls. His horrifying killing power left others traumatized.

Priests were the lifeline of a guild. With hundreds of Warriors and Mages in the surroundings, no one had a clue how Nie Yan had gotten to them.

In an instant, the spells of all the nearby Mages were focused on Nie Yan.

A barrage of magic landed on Nie Yan in succession, exploding on him and causing a stream of damage values to float into the air above him.

However, Nie Yan’s level was too high. He was Level 35, while almost all of these players were around Level 25. Some were even lower. This was a level difference of over 10! Without Level Ignore of some kind, their damage would be extremely limited. Add this on top of the fact that he wore the Skywalker Set, which greatly boosted his survivability, their attacks could barely hit him for double digits.

However, under the concentrated attacks of so many players, Nie Yan’s health rapidly drained to half. He drank an Intermediate Health Potion, which instantly brought his health bar back to full.

From his vantage point, Heaven Breaker noticed something was wrong. Unexpectedly, a Thief had snuck into the ranks of his Priests and had already killed almost thirty of them. Looking closely, he could see that it was his hated rival Nirvana Flame. He raged, “Skinny Dog! Go grab a squad of Thieves and destroy Nirvana Flame! Mad Rogue, let’s see just how mad you are!”

Several dozen Thieves dashed toward Nie Yan, brimming with killing intent.

Nie Yan killed another six Priests. Because he caused such havoc in the backline, the Priests were too anxious to properly heal. The frontline of Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return, which now lacked the support of the Priests, quickly collapsed. The Warriors of Asskickers United were bathed in holy light and advanced with great fervour.

The Thieves from Asskickers United finally arrived at the backline. One Strike Vow, Sun, and the others were present. As elites of the guild, their combat strength was extraordinary, and the Mages from Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return immediately dropped like flies, causing the concentrated barrage of spells on Nie Yan to subside.

Nie Yan’s lips curved into a cold smile when he noticed a familiar silhouette approaching under the cover of stealth.

The stealthed Skinny Dog, seeing Nie Yan’s smirk, felt as if his heart was just smashed by a sledgehammer. His scalp tingled as he recalled the several times he had gone up against Nirvana Flame. He had come out on top a grand sum of zero times, resulting in a subconscious fear of Nie Yan despite the numerous Victorious Return elites he had by his side. He didn’t have any sense of security, and his movements were slightly stiff as if his body had suddenly become powerless.

Turning his head, Nie Yan looked in Skinny Dog’s direction, then locked onto his position whereupon his eyes blossomed out with a strange glow!

Eye of Truth!

A hazy silhouette entered Nie Yan’s vision. He immediately activated Stealth, disappearing before the eyes of the surrounding players, and dashed toward Skinny Dog with his dagger raised.

Seeing Nie Yan’s bloodshot eyes which resembled those of a demon, Skinny Dog grew extremely nervous. Before he could react, Nie Yan’s figure disappeared right before his eyes, causing him to feel the blade of the reaper inching ever closer to his neck. Just as he tightly gripped his dagger, raising it in preparation to repel any oncoming attack, he felt a cold chill behind his neck. Before he could even react, it was already too late!

What terrifying speed!

Skinny Dog felt a sense of despairing helplessness in his heart. Nirvana Flame was an insurmountable wall! Even if he greatly improved in the future, he knew he could never defeat this opponent who had already thoroughly shattered his self-confidence.

Employing the Dance of Death, Nie Yan circled around Skinny Dog, who didn’t even have a chance to react. He struck him in the back of his head with a precise hit, successfully inflicting a stun.

“Shit! Stop him!” one of the nearby Thieves shouted as he saw Skinny Dog being stunned. He lunged forward. 

Before any of the Thieves could reach him, Nie Yan struck out with a Backstab, and then swept the blade of his other dagger across Skinny Dog’s neck, dying the ground red. 

Skinny Dog collapsed onto the ground.

Nie Yan, using Shadow Waltz, disappeared from the Thieves’ sights.

When the Thieves finally arrived, the area was already empty. Nie Yan was nowhere in sight. They stared at each other, feeling the blood in their veins turn to ice. Only now did they comprehend why everyone online called Nie Yan the Mad Rogue. He was truly deserving of this title! They didn’t even hold a candle to him!

A group of almost three hundred Priests had just been annihilated by Nie Yan before they could even respond. By the time Sun and the others had gotten there, there were only corpses left on the ground. Asskickers United’s Warriors quickly pushed their frontline over as well, taking out a large swath of Radiant Sacred Flame and Victorious Return’s players in one fell swoop.

Tang Yao looked at the counts provided by his people, his eyebrows dancing in delight. As Asskickers United’s frontline pushed forward, the Thieves in the back picked up over 8,000 pieces of equipment. Even after returning the equipment dropped by Asskickers United players, they still gathered almost 6,000 pieces of equipment.

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