Chapter 230 - Soaring Morale

Chapter 230 - Soaring Morale

Aside from the incident that occurred outside of Black Flame Forest, Holy Empire didn’t have any conflicting interests with Victorious Return. As for Radiant Sacred Flame, the war between them had already developed to the extent where both sides were willing to do whatever necessary to win, no matter the price.

Occupying a stronghold was equal to receiving the taxes of a small city. This was extremely critical to the growth of a guild.

Neither Holy Empire nor Radiant Sacred Flame were willing to back down!

Even the always low-key Nightbreak Trickster crawled out of the woodwork in preparation for the upcoming stronghold battle. And the biggest supporter on his side was his closest ally, Heaven Breaker. Although Victorious Return couldn’t participate in the stronghold battle because they weren’t yet a Level 5 guild, their strength couldn’t be looked over.

Since Radiant Sacred Flame required the assistance of Victorious Return to capture the stronghold, when Victorious Return wanted to cause Asskickers United some trouble this time, Radiant Sacred Flame would naturally follow. However, they didn’t expect Holy Empire to be a step ahead of them!

The smell...

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