Chapter 229 - Meeting of the Bigshots

Chapter 229 - Meeting of the Bigshots

Nie Yan and Smoke Stub’s actions plunged the Azure Falling Sky guild into chaos.

The Charge executed by Smoke Stub just a moment ago was perfect, whether in timing, power, or direction, as it delivered Clear Sky right to Nie Yan, who finished him off with a decisive blow from Cut Throat. The coordination between them was impeccable. If someone posted a video of this battle online, the final moments would inevitably become a classic. 

“It was a pleasure fighting together,” Nie Yan said with a light smile before going back into stealth.

Smoke Stub also found battling alongside Nie Yan to be extremely enjoyable. With a wide smile on his face, he exclaimed, “Likewise!”

Both Cold Peak and Wood Grace had sacrificed their lives in order to give them the perfect opportunity to kill Clear Sky. A hint of sorrow emerged in Smoke Stub’s eyes, but he quickly regained his composure. This was a battlefield; he didn’t have any time to be wasting wallowing in grief. He charged back into the fray with his greatsword raised. It was time for Withered Leaf to strike back!

“Brothers of Withered Leaf, slaughter these bastards!” Smoke Stub roared. He was the living embodiment of the reaper’s scythe. Wherever...

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