Chapter 228 - Killing Clear Sky

Chapter 228 - Killing Clear Sky

When they saw Nie Yan disappear, Clear Sky and his men felt their hearts tighten.

With his ability to hide under stealth, Nie Yan was undoubtedly worthy of his reputation. Trying to keep track of him was truly a difficult task. This was the Mad Rogue, after all! If he took action, he definitely wouldn’t fail!

“Everyone, attack!” Clear Sky roared. His men charged at their enemies, but he was still worried. Nie Yan’s abrupt disappearance left him rather unsettled. He couldn’t help but suspect that Nie Yan was coming after him.

Clear Sky had hundreds of Azure Falling Sky players in close formation around him, creating a solid line of defense. Plus, Clear Sky himself was in the densest part of this massive army. Even the Mad Rogue wouldn’t be able to threaten him here!

“Priests, Illuminate!”

“Paladins, Eyes of the Divine!”

The Azure Falling Sky players nervously called out for skills that would reveal a player in stealth. Rays of light pierced through various parts of the battlefield as they tried to locate Nie Yan.    

Right there!

A Priest noticed an approaching silhouette five meters away from himself, but had no time to react. His comrades didn’t...

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