Chapter 227 - Killing Intent!

Chapter 227 - Killing Intent!

The enmity between Aqua Smoke Stub and Clear Sky started when several members of Azure Falling Sky wanted to transfer over to a different gaming organization. To Smoke Stub, this request couldn’t be any simpler. Moving between organizations was common in the industry. Everyone would part without any hard feelings, and things would be less awkward if they crossed paths again in the future. However, Clear Sky evidently didn’t share these feelings. He ruthlessly swore at those who wished to leave and threatened to break their legs. Even so, they still chose to withdraw from Azure Falling Sky, with Smoke Stub receiving information later on revealing that they really did end up coming to bodily harm.

This matter resulted in Smoke Stub feeling that Clear Sky was too ruthless. No longer wishing to be associated with a person like this, he led his brothers out of Azure Falling Sky and created Withered Leaf. However, the establishment of his own gaming organization was filled with numerous twists and turns. Many of the people under him were hounded and assaulted; one even had their leg broken and ended up hospitalized for nearly half a year. All of this was orchestrated by Azure Falling Sky.

Only then did Withered Leaf and Azure Falling Sky become irreconcilable enemies. For...

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