Chapter 225 - Soaring Murderous Aura

Chapter 225 - Soaring Murderous Aura

Nie Yan normally didn’t have such a bad temper since it would negatively affect the way he dealt with affairs. But when something crossed his bottom line, he wasn’t willing to concede even a single step! And that was the people on his side should not be bullied! No exceptions! 

Tell the guild members to show their spirit! Show their might! If Azure Falling Sky kills ten of our own, then we’ll kill a hundred of them! If they kill a hundred of our own, we’ll massacre their entire guild!」Nie Yan declared as he brimmed with killing intent. He felt it was only proper for the people under him to show the guts of a bandit as well as a willingness to shed some blood. If they cowered at the smallest matters like a flock of timid sheep, then when trouble occurred for the guild or the guild leader, they would be the first to flee as soon as there were signs of something going wrong.

Not only that, but all the guild members were waiting on the answer of the executives. If Nie Yan abandoned Withered Leaf, leaving them to their fate, then who knows many players would decide to withdraw from the guild? Such a scenario would deal a huge blow to the morale of Asskickers United!


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