Chapter 224 - Upcoming Storm

Chapter 224 - Upcoming Storm

Even Nie Yan was surprised at the veritable sea of talents within Asskickers United. The names that he could remember from the previous timeline probably numbered around six or seven hundred. Since most of those players had not been recruited into major organizations yet, Nie Yan had Guo Huai send out invitations to them. After seeing the generous terms offered by Asskickers United, these players were one by one lured into the guild. This situation was the source of their complete victory.

Guo Huai thought these were all people who Nie Yan had interacted with before deciding to have him to recruit them. He hadn’t expected so many of them to be so talented. He could only sigh at Nie Yan’s amazing vision. He had no way of knowing about Nie Yan’s reincarnation. Of course, there were also those who seemed rather mediocre. Guo Huai suggested kicking these people out, but Nie Yan decided to allow them to stay.

Most of the talented players right now had played virtual reality games before to some degree. After starting Conviction, they showed high levels of skill right from the onset. Undying Scoundrel, Blowhard Summer Bug, and many of the other skilled elites were in this camp. Then there...

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