Chapter 223 - Complete Victory!

Chapter 223 - Complete Victory!

“It appears that I’ve underestimated my own defensive capabilities and the Rank 6 Shield,” Bladelight mused after glancing through his character information. It felt invigorating to have such formidable defense! He was practically a raid boss!

The Rank 6 Shield was teetering on the verge of collapse after bearing the brunt of the attacks of the players from Holy Empire for so long. It looked like it was moments away from shattering into pieces, but the outcome of this battle was already written in stone. 

Bladelight was indomitable beyond compare! He stood unscathed, like an iron tower, despite the barrage of attacks he received. Seeing he still had over 60% of his health left, the several players still alive on the stage felt a profound sense of powerlessness rising up in their hearts. Dammit! This Fighter is way too tanky, isn’t he!?

「Bang! Bang!」Two Fireballs blasted Bladelight, sending a shower of embers flying everywhere. The Rank 6 Shield collapsed, shattering into countless fragments that dissolved into the air. 

“His shield broke!” Ruined Maple exclaimed, believing they still had a chance at victory. 

Although the three other Berserkers understood Ruined Maple’s excitement, they glanced at their...

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