Chapter 216 - Everlasting Silver Set

Chapter 216 - Everlasting Silver Set

Everlasting City was still as tranquil as before, with Mechanical Golems in groups of several dozen wandering aimlessly through the streets. However, that tranquillity was broken when a group of players entered the city through the main gates.

“Sun and I will go round up the mobs, then take care of them. The rest of you can just sit back and enjoy the free experience,” Nie Yan said. The two of them were the most suitable for the task. A few Warriors could fill the role as well. However, Mages were simply too slow.

“Boss, we don’t have to do anything at all?”

“Yeah, nothing?”

“You guys can be responsible for picking up the drops,” Nie Yan lightly replied before dashing towards a group of Mechanical Golems in the distance.

Sun also followed behind, only a tad bit slower than Nie Yan.

Boss, Heaven Breaker withdrew from the level leaderboards!」Summer Bug informed in the group chat after noticing the change on the leaderboards.

Nie Yan checked the rankings. Heaven Breaker had indeed disappeared.

What was his level before?」 

28,」Summer Bug replied before taking a final glance at the leaderboards.

Level 28?」Nie...

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