Chapter 215 - Chapter of Harmony

Chapter 215 - Chapter of Harmony

A rustling sound came from the trees beside Nie Yan, who spun around just in time to spot a player in white robes stepping out from behind the undergrowth. 

“I’m Black Heaven,” Black Heaven explained, after seeing Nie Yan tightly gripping his dagger. He walked up to Black Hell’s corpse. He never thought his big brother would lose. Because in his mind, his big brother had always been invincible. He couldn’t help but spend a little while longer observing Nie Yan. The Mad Rogue, whose name was renowned across the entire Viridian Empire, didn’t look much older than him. 

Because his big brother had told him not to interfere in the duel, Black Heaven had stayed off to the side, observing as a spectator.

Black Heaven had watched the entire battle, and he had to admit Nie Yan was really strong, one of the very few people that was a match for his big brother. The only thing that left him feeling puzzled was why Nie Yan remained unaffected despite having been plainly struck by Piercing Shriek.

In such a short span of time, just what could Nie Yan have done to block the effects of Piercing Shriek?

Black Heaven didn’t bother taking...

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