Chapter 214 - Black Hell

Chapter 214 - Black Hell

After felling two more Scaled Frogs, Nie Yan detected the peculiar presence yet again. He could clearly sense that someone was trying to approach him. However, when he turned around to look, the forest was tranquil without any signs of activity.

Just as Nie Yan walked over to another Scaled Frog, he felt the violent resonance of magic being cast behind him. In the blink of an eye, a dark power descended on him.

Enfeeble! Grief!

Curses that took effect instantaneously were especially frightening. If caught without a corresponding potion or a Priest or Paladin who could cast Dispel, you would be left in an extremely precarious situation.

Nie Yan’s heart clenched in alarm. It wasn’t a Thief that was after him but rather a Priest! A name immediately popped into his mind—Black Hell!

He’s probably using an Invisibility Potion!

Nie Yan took a quick glance at his character information. His stats were reduced by 60%! What powerful curses! Ordinary curses that could reduce a target’s stats by 20% were already quite dreadful, but these two curses had directly cut down his stats by almost two thirds! 

Not giving Nie Yan the chance to activate Stealth, a bright orb...

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