Chapter 209 - Skill of a Shadow Dancer

Chapter 209 – Skill of a Shadow Dancer

“You guys should stay here a while longer to clear your red names. When we’re all good, I’ll take everyone to go levelling with me,” Nie Yan said. He could only wait until they were no longer branded as PKers to bring them to Everlasting City; otherwise, they would be besieged by guards as soon as they set foot in Calore.   

There weren’t enough Sub-Elite and Elite Scaled Frogs to go around, so most were left hunting ordinary Scaled Frogs.

“Boss, your name is also red. How come you can enter the city without being attacked?” Summer Bug voiced out his doubts.

“When your Influence in Calore reaches 30 points, you can walk around freely with a red name,” Nie Yan replied. A player had to complete many high-difficulty quests to accumulate that much Influence. He felt such an undertaking was too difficult for the vast majority of player base at the current stage of the game.

“It’s that difficult…? My Influence in Calore is only at 2 points. I got them from helping an NPC in a quest, but completing that damned thing nearly drove me mad!” Undying Scoundrel couldn’t help but lament, rolling his eyes back in shock.

The others also felt exasperated at Nie Yan’s revelation. Unless they encountered some sort of quest with amazing rewards, getting...

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