Chapter 207 - Slaughter Fiend Medallion

Chapter 207 - Slaughter Fiend Medallion

Upon seeing Nie Yan, Bird promptly came over to greet him. He wore silvery-white Alchemist robes with an ornate design on the collar–a golden redbud beneath a silver feather. This special symbol was the mark of an Intermediate Alchemist. 

“Boss, you’ve come!” Bird said with pleasant surprise.

“You’ve been promoted to Intermediate Alchemist?” Nie Yan was slightly surprised as well. Bird had plenty to do every day just managing the Starry Night Potion Shop, but he somehow still found the time to raise his Alchemy skill to become an Intermediate Alchemist. 

“My Intermediate Alchemist proficiency is already at half. In the entire shop, only three people are ahead of me,” Bird proudly reported. Considering he had less time to practice than the dedicated Alchemists in the shop, not falling behind the pack would’ve already been a remarkable achievement.

The Alchemy King’s rise had finally begun. Maybe he would give Nie Yan a nice surprise in the future.

“Business seems to be booming,” Nie Yan commented as he looked around at the hundreds of players crowding the Starry Night Potion Shop.

“Potion sales have been especially...

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