Chapter 203 - Unrivalled Titan

Chapter 203 - Unrivalled Titan

Before the five to six hundred players camping outside the entrance of the lava caverns could understand what was going on, they were swept up by the surging tide of lava, letting out blood-curdling screams as they transformed into rays of light.

Lava flowed out rapidly like a ferocious fiery beast engulfing everything in its path. If it was allowed to continue flowing unimpeded, all of Kiln Fire Woods would be transformed into a sea of flames in just a few hours.

The seven entrances to the caverns spewed out tons of lava into air, resembling a volcanic eruption. The molten chunks of rock flew for several hundred meters before raining down on the map like a meteor shower.「BOOM! BOOM! BOOM!」They carved out giant craters into the earth, lighting the immediate vicinity on fire and creating a red glow in the sky.

Over two thousand players from Victorious Return and Unhindered died during the first few moments of the eruption. The lava flow was spreading too quickly. Most players didn’t even get a chance to react before they were consumed in the fiery inferno. A few perceptive individuals noticed the danger early, but even that couldn’t save them. The lava had already gotten too close. It was too late to run, let alone use...

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