Chapter 199 - Names Red as Blood

Chapter 199 - Names Red as Blood

The last of the three groups in the vicinity, which had 60 Unhindered players, rushed over while Nie Yan’s team was still picking off the survivors. They were here to provide support, confident that the other group would be able to hold out for a while against the attack. However, they didn’t expect that by the time they arrived, the situation would be completely different from what they expected. Over fifty members of Unhindered had been utterly annihilated by ten people. 

The names of Nie Yan and the others were branded a deep, blood red. It was like walking into a murder scene.

Nie Yan suddenly disappeared. With his fastest speed, he dashed toward the group of reinforcements like a lightning bolt before emerging among their ranks. Under the gaze of over sixty pairs of eyes, he streaked the blade of his dagger across a Priest’s throat with a Vital Strike. The victim’s health bar plummeted to zero as they collapsed to the ground. 

The crowd of players were badly frightened. Nie Yan was previously several dozen meters away. In the blink of an eye, he closed that distance and killed one of their Priests. It all happened way too...

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