Chapter 198 - Field of Corpses

Chapter 198 - Field of Corpses

The official forums were abuzz with activity because of the provocative video released by Unhindered.

The players from Unhindered frequently jeered at Asskickers United in discussions related to the video. Even though the members of Asskickers United would attempt to refute, they simply lacked the ammunition to fire back. Numerous members expressed dissatisfaction over how the executives of the guild handled the situation, or rather the lack thereof. Many of them were so riled up that they were itching to start a massacre in Kiln Fire Woods.

But very soon, a response was posted to the video. It was another video along with a few brief sentences.

It was a recording of Nie Yan and the other nine members slaughtering a large group of Unhindered players.

10:09, Players Killed: 153. Asskickers United doesn’t rely on an advantage in numbers. Ten of us are enough to massacre Unhindered!

A hair-raising video followed by a domineering reply! It sent shock waves rippling through the community. It depicted Warriors and Paladins sweeping through everything before them, Thieves taking lives like they were reaping wheat, and Mages dealing damage that would make people faint from fright! Most awe-inspiring of all was the part where Undying Scoundrel annihilated...

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