Chapter 197 - Ten Men Massacre!

Chapter 197 - Ten Men Massacre!

Bubbles of volcanic gas trapped beneath the Kiln Fire Woods would occasionally find their way to the surface, erupting forth into the atmosphere as scorching jets. 

The temperature here was much higher than in other regions. It was similar to arriving near the crater of an active volcano. Only the hardiest of plant life could grow in this harsh environment, such as the resilient iron palm trees, lush with dense canopies that seemed to cover the earth and hide the sky.

It was said that magma regularly flowed beneath the Kiln Fire Woods, ever-ready to erupt. 

Level 20 Molten Rock Monsters spawned inside the Kiln Fire Woods. They possessed high health and defense. A player would even take fire damage if they got near them. However, they were relatively slow and lacked long-range attacks. Add this to the fact that they gave good experience, and it became clear why they were the perfect mobs for Mages to level on. 

Molten Rock Monsters were covered in thick plates of stone, roughly two meters in height, and resembled bulldozers when they moved.

A dense cluster of one hundred Unhindered players was currently battling over twenty Molten Rock Monsters in a corner of the map. With the Warriors forming a...

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