Chapter 196 - Yu Long

Chapter 196 - Yu Long

“Are you sure they’ll come?” Hei Zhuo turned to the three players who were sent over from Victorious Return to act as supervisors. 

All the preparations were set. If the forces of Asskickers United emerged, regardless of whether they arrived in thousands or tens of thousands, they would find themselves immediately surrounded and ambushed by a force that dwarfed them by at least several-fold. 

If Asskickers United ignored the provocations, Victorious Return would spread word of their cowardice to all facets of the internet so that they’d never be able to raise their heads out in public again. Inversely, if they tried to retaliate, no matter how many players they sent, Kiln Fire Woods would become their burial place. In either scenario, their reputation would still suffer a heavy blow.

Asskickers United had nowhere left to retreat!

The group from Victorious Return was led by a Paladin called Yu Long. Clad in the Level 25 Holy Knight Radiance Set, he emanated the aura of a soldier. His face was calm and tranquil, making it difficult for anyone to ever know what he was thinking.

Even Hei Zhuo, the guild leader of Unhindered, didn’t dare to slight him. 

He was the second-in-command in all of Victorious Return. He was originally...

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