Chapter 193 - Evolution Crystal

Chapter 193 - Evolution Crystal

“You can go and look for the loot. I’m going to allocate my points,” Nie Yan said as he surveyed his handiwork. The remnants of the destroyed Mechanical Golems filled the streets, stretching out for almost sixty meters in front him, with all sorts of items scattered out in between.

“Alright,” Tang Yao replied. He flipped over the frames of the Mechanical Golems, picking up the loot that had dropped.

Nie Yan looked over his character page. He had 9 stat points and 5 mastery points to allocate. Without the slightest hesitation, he put all 9 points into Dexterity, bringing it up to 137 points. He only needed another 23 points to reach 160 Dexterity. Soon, he could equip the Scarlet Poison Ring, and then he’d receive another significant boost in attack power.

Socketing a couple of Dexterity Gems should do it. 

As for the 3 mastery points, Nie Yan allocated them into Intermediate Cloaking, Advanced Marksman, and Advanced Dual Wielding. The effects of masteries grew more pronounced at higher ranks. Cloaking, for example, weakened the effects of an opponent’s Awareness, making it much harder to detect him. Generally,...

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