Chapter 188 - Chapter of Justice

Chapter 188 – Chapter of Justice

At this moment, two crisp system sounds rang out.

You have discovered Kavana’s crystal coffin.

Quest Progress: Search for clues. Find out the cause of Kavana’s death.

Nie Yan examined the crystal coffin. It was tightly sealed. He was unsure of how he should proceed. If he tried opening the coffin by force, it’d surely trigger a chain of dangerous events. He absolutely wanted to avoid such a risk. 

The Chapter of Justice hovered in right front of Nie Yan. It was but an arm’s length away, but he was helpless to retrieve it. 

He considered the two system notifications. Find out the cause of death? What? Am I supposed to cut open the body and perform an autopsy…? It doesn’t matter. He shook his head. I’ll get the chapter now, then I’ll try to complete the quest if I can. If I can’t, then so be it.

Let’s see… There should be a special mechanism to open this thing. Nie Yan searched around for a bit, uncovering some inscriptions on the side of the coffin.

Nie Yan examined them. This was some sort of prayer!

Dear Sir Kavana,...

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