Chapter 187 - Paladin Kavana

Chapter 187 – Paladin Kavana

Nie Yan really didn’t want to form an irreconcilable enmity with Black Hell. He wanted to talk with the other player first, to avoid the use of force if possible. Regardless of how the talks went, however, he would definitely try to get the Chapter of Harmony by fair means or foul. After being merged into a single item, the six chapters in Volume I would be on par with a piece of Legendary-grade equipment. The importance of such an item to his future plans was absolutely critical. Better yet, the completed Volume I was bindable and would no longer drop if he died.

I’ll wait and see, I guess. It’s not like Black Hell can hide when I get hourly reports on his location. Nie Yan continued to pick off the Corrupted Silver Paladins. One by one, they died until the area around the first dark gold chest was completely clear of all monsters.

After killing so many Corrupted Silver Paladins from afar, Nie Yan recognized the need for a good ranged weapon. He still had his eye on the Sub Legendary Dullahan Cavalry Crossbow. Although it had a massive Strength requirement, he could meet it with...

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