Chapter 186 - Holy Priest, Shadow Priest

Chapter 186 - Holy Priest, Shadow Priest

A certain problem weighed on Nie Yan’s mind; he had never heard of a player called Black Hell before, not even in his past life. He was completely in the dark regarding the opponent’s strengths and weaknesses, and that would pose a risk to him if they ever clashed.

The Chapter of Harmony was reportedly meant for Priests. It substantially boosted the effects of all healing skills, something which was particularly useful for Holy Priests. As for Shadow Priests, it enhanced the effects of curses. Before being found, it was hidden in the Level 25 map, Murky Quagmire.

The Murky Quagmire was an extremely inhospitable map. It was the perfect breeding ground for Sludge Slimes—living beings made out of toxic goop, highly resistant to physical attacks, and reeked of an awful stench. It was also filled with poisonous gases, so players would take constant damage as soon as they entered. The only reliable method of preventing yourself from getting inflicted with the poisoned status was to regularly receive blessings from a Priest. Antidotes would work as well, but their preventive effect only lasted so long, not to mention the cost. As such, a party of five levelling here would generally consist of at least two Priests. Paladins could explore...

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