Chapter 182 - Fierce Person

Chapter 182 - Fierce Person

The head of Withered Leaf was called Aqua Smoke Stub.[1] He ranked third among all professional players, even higher than Kill Love. For the vast majority of players, such an esteemed figure could only be heard about, never seen. Unlike other famous players like Sleepy Fox and Kill Love, he always stayed relatively low-key, but that didn’t mean he was any less ambitious. He simply walked a different path from them. 

His operations in Conviction didn’t expand beyond creating a top-tier elite team, which took on various tasks from large financial groups, including completing quests and clearing dungeons.

They didn’t discriminate between enemy and ally. As long as the employer was willing to spend the money, they were willing to take on any task. According to hearsay, the Withered Leaf gaming organization generated immense sums of money for the Tuoba Financial Group every day.

“Tell him not today. We can chat when I get back to the city,” Nie Yan said. Logically speaking, a set of Level 30 Gold-grade equipment wasn’t enough to attract the attention of the head of Withered Leaf. Was it possibly something else...?

“Impressive...” Tuoba gazed at Nie...

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