Chapter 179 - Light Monastery

Chapter 179 - Light Monastery

As Nie Yan traversed the dense forest region, he spotted a Kamirun building up ahead beyond the shade of the trees. 

Kamirun meant purity and light in the Ancient Common Language. It was a style of architecture widely seen on the holy shrines spread across the various regions of the empire. Its most notable characteristic was the expensive Kamirun white stone, the primary material used in the construction of buildings of this style. It was far more dazzling than ordinary white stone, reflecting bright halos under the sun’s rays while giving off a feeling of incorruptible sanctity. Apart from this, Kamirun buildings generally had round rooftops that were deep crimson.

The Light Monastery had fallen into disrepair after centuries of neglect, its white stone walls covered in mud and grime, failing to reflect even the faintest glimmer. It had once been a sacred place of pilgrimage, but now it was in ruins, its years of splendor having long since passed. In front of the monastery was an open square where at the center stood the statue of an angel. It had a pious expression on its face, though it was now barely discernible under the corrosion and wear.

Nie Yan trod lightly as he made his way toward the...

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