Chapter 178 - Kill

Chapter 178 - Kill

The Holy Priest class’s Glimmer Mark skill was the mortal weakness of any Thief. Once marked, a Thief could be easily spotted by the enemy, even during Stealth. Because of this, Holy Priests were often the prime targets for a Thief’s ambush. They were also extremely frail, being a class that wore cloth armor. On top of that, they had the lowest health pool of all the cloth-armored classes. Although they did possess a few attack skills, Holy Priests generally weren’t proficient in dueling like Arcane Mages, Elementalists, Holy Mages, or even Shadow Priests, all of whom were particularly thorny to deal with.

The group of players near Nie Yan were entirely oblivious to the imminent danger. Since he had erased all traces of himself, unless one of them had especially high Awareness or sharp reflexes, they were completely incapable of sensing his approach.

The higher a player’s Awareness, the faster they’d be able to react to danger. If a player’s Awareness was pitifully low, they’d only feel a fleeting sense of danger. It wouldn’t be enough for an ordinary person to notice. To counteract high Awareness, Thieves focused on raising their Stealth and Cloak. Nie Yan’s were already quite high. As long as he paid careful...

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