Chapter 174 - Exchange

Chapter 174 - Exchange

Nie Yan didn’t rely on potions too much, but still ended up consuming quite a few of them every day. His use was almost negligible when compared with the groups of players that sought to increase their mobbing speed or take on stronger monsters. Players in Calore consumed a potion every single day, on average. The Starry Night Potion Shop produced 60% of the potions available in the market. How many potions per day was that? It was no surprise that the Starry Night Potion Shop was having trouble accommodating its perpetually increasing clientele, even with all of the recent expansions. Nie Yan planned to open up several branch locations. Now that he found a few more high-end Alchemy Recipes, the Starry Night Potion Shop could further increase its profits and growth. 

After spending the entire day running around to find and open chests, Nie Yan’s Junior Lockpicking Specialist was at 67/100. His progress was exceptionally quick. The skill would soon reach the Intermediate rank. Once it advanced, he could finally move on to higher level maps. 

Nie Yan took a quick glance at the level leaderboards. Tang Yao recently reached Level 26, but he was showing signs of slowing down. The Scaled Frogs didn’t give him as much bonus experience anymore. Heaven Breaker, on the other...

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