Chapter 173 - Chapter of Wisdom

Chapter 173 - Chapter of Wisdom

Waves of hot air rushed out from the depths of the Hellfire Cavern, the heat baking the surrounding rock a dull red. A player needed fire resistance of 7 or more to explore this map without taking constant fire damage. Without the Fire Resistance Potion, Nie Yan would have been roasted by the heat in a matter of minutes.   

The Infyrnal, the zone boss that inhabited the Hellfire Cavern, was a monstrous Rock Golem. Just to survive its Infernal Prison ability, a player had to be level 25 with a fire resistance of 30. The sheer level of difficulty didn’t just come from the strength of the Infyrnal. Players would have to fight it in the narrow confines of the cavern, limiting the total number of people that could engage it at the same time. In the previous timeline, a guild finally managed to extract the Chapter of Wisdom from this map after players reached Level 30.

Hellfire Cavern was also a popular farming zone in the previous timeline. The Infyrnal would re-spawn two days after it was killed, so many guilds and players would camp around the area waiting for it. They would call for reinforcements as soon as it appeared, and countless players died in the struggle to secure the drop from the high-class monster. 

Nie Yan cautiously entered the cavern, going over what he knew about Hellfire Cavern from the previous timeline in his mind. He was crouched...

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