Chapter 172 - Hellfire Cavern

Chapter 172 - Hellfire Cavern

「Bang! Bang! Bang!」

Several dozen spells battered Broad Blade’s group, instantly killing five of them as they were transformed into brilliant rays of light. Two of them had red names, so all of their gear dropped to the ground when they died. Only three survived the barrage of spells with just a sliver of health remaining.

The survivors tried to escape from the area, but several dozen Fighters and Berserkers caught up and surrounded them before they could take a single step.

With the sheer disparity in numbers, Broad Blade’s group wasn’t able to put up the least bit of resistance.

They were immediately slaughtered.

“Thank you, brothers!” Paladin of the Elegy shouted to the crowd. Without the timely and enthusiastic assistance from his fellow guildmates, his party would’ve been wiped out by Broad Blade’s group.

“Ah, it feels good to finally blow off some steam after being pushed around by those bastards for so long.”

“Sooner or later, we’ll wipe them all out!”

“There’s a report from our brothers stationed at the East. They say they’ve spotted roughly three to four hundred Victorious Return players heading towards us!”

All of the Asskicker United members’ faces turned ashen. They hadn’t even been here for five minutes, yet Victorious Return somehow already deployed forces to their location. The response...

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