Chapter 169 - Union of Assassins

Chapter 169 - Union of Assassins

In the previous timeline, the Union of Assassins was an organization of professional players established by several famous figures. Its area of operations covered the Viridian and Satreen Empires. Its members included six Shadow Dancers, eight Guardian Paladins, eight Dark Berserkers, five Magisters, and more. It was fairly large with over 6,000 members, almost all of whom were elite experts. The members of the union ranged from guild leaders and top-ranking figures from major guilds to even solo players. Both enemies or allies ended up joining. As long as a player met the requirements of the Union, they were more than welcome. 

The Union of Assassins was much more flexible than a guild. It wasn’t created to struggle for power in the game but as an additional source of income for professional players. Members could become an agent or a client. Anyone could become an agent, provided they accumulated 60,000 points and paid a membership fee. Agents who were more valuable to the union, like a Great Thief or Shadow Dancer, were eligible for a fixed salary. Of course, that meant they had to accept a mission at least every other week. 

As for clients,...

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