Chapter 156 - Sapphire Shrine

Chapter 156 - Sapphire Shrine

Nie Yan didn’t expect Kill Love to appear here. Was it possible that Holy Empire and Battle Crazed Alliance were working together? As he searched through his memories, he recalled that Victorious Return, Radiant Sacred Flame, and the rest of Cao Xu’s guilds did indeed clash with Battle Crazed Alliance, Holy Empire, and other guilds on numerous occasions. While facing the pressure of their superior might, it was quite feasible for Battle Crazed Alliance and Holy Empire to have forged a secret alliance. Honestly, he hadn’t acquired much knowledge regarding these matters in his past life. Back then, he was simply a player who minded his own business. Even during the War God Tribe’s most flourishing period, he was merely enjoying the life of a young master and had never once even so much as thought of leading his father’s guild to contend for rule over the empire.

He was suddenly snapped out of his daydreaming when a fifty-something-year-old man in white robes strolled toward Sleepy Fox and Kill Love. If not for the fact that they were nowhere near a town or city, and that he was dressed like a player, some people might even mistake him for an NPC.

His cheeks were somewhat thin and dry, almost sunken in like a skeleton’s, but his expression was lively as he radiated a...

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